Ela Crain


Ela Crain has a BA in Archaeology & Anthropology, an MA in Film & Digital Media, and an MSc in Brain Sciences from University College London.

She wrote her first book at the age of 21, and founded a video production company in London, where she worked with M.A.C Cosmetics, Orange Mobile, Haymarket Publishing, Central YMCA, St. Tropez. She also produced a documentary in Kenya, aimed at raising awareness around children with AIDS, funded by MAC Aids Fund.

In 2013, Ela moved from London to Berlin, and founded a non-profit organization that helped writers kickstart their careers, Mash Stories. With its 69 voluntary staff, Mash Stories published over 2,200 hand-picked writers. It was listed among the Top 50 Websites in 2015 by Grey Goose Vodka, and took the second place in the Webby Awards in Social Media category.

After being encouraged to work as a life coach by Gary Reid, a legendary success coach in Jack Canfield’s team, Ela began to give regular workshops at the largest startup community in Europe, Factory Berlin, and later on in Los Angeles, California. She also produced a weekly podcast on emotional health, Peaceful Ease.

Today, Ela lives in Portugal and hosts Nonconventional Show, where she interviews unconventional people, or people with unconventional careers, creations or paths.

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