Extraordinary Interviews. Extraordinary minds.
Hosted by Ela Crain.

Who We Are


We are the place where difference is accepted.


We are about inspiration, not imitation.


We are about courage and confidence.
We encourage you to embrace parts of
yourself that have been buried for far
too long.

What we do

We’re not interested in pitches, politics or product sales.

We do not preach.
We inspire, empower and intrigue.

We want to take you on journeys seldom walked. Ready? Let’s begin.


Ela Crain’s past, present, and future

Ela lives and breathes everything Nonconventional. 

She explores every avenue open to her. She’s lived multiple lives as a prolific writer, a high-profile video company owner, a student of archaeology, anthropology, digital media, and brain sciences, a life coach, and most recently: a podcast host.

Her past adventures bring eclectic expertise to her new podcast, Nonconventional. This expertise, coupled with her intense curiosity, drives the podcast to explore areas untouched by most people.

The spiritual nakedness begins

We are a beginning that will help you rediscover yourself.


We interview guests from all walks of life. One week a suicidal base-jumper appears from the sky above. The next? A CEO reinventing their industry emerges from the ground up.

We ask the questions that don’t just describe their current life, but unveil the journey behind the present.



Brian Crain, Co-founder at Chorus One, discusses his success in the world of Blockchain Technologies. He then goes beyond the surface of Cryptocurrency to discuss its massive implications.


Coming soon to all major podcast platforms

The Cryptocurrency Cure with Brian Crain



Join Sofia Teixeria in her exploration of where art and science meet and how artificial intelligence will impact creativity in the near future.


Coming soon to all major podcast platforms.

The Intersection of Art and Science with Sofia Teixeira



Tim Vieira, founder of the Brave Generation Academy, discusses alternative forms of education and how they will impact the future.


Coming soon to all major podcast platforms.

Revolutionising Education with Tim Vieira



Olga Kassian, founder of the ethical jewelry brand, Wonther, discusses the power of jewelry to inspire and empower individuals.


Coming soon to all major podcast platforms.

Empowerment, Ethics, & Sustainability with Olga Kassian

We ask the questions that usually go unasked. It’s a good thing that we go beyond the usual.

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